THE MINOR 9s are an Ottawa three-piece band, from three different rural areas surrounding the Ottawa region. They bring a blast of fresh country air wherever the Road takes them, with diverse influences such as Van Morrison, Tom Waits, Otis Redding, Crazyhorse, The Grateful Dead, The Stooges, CSNY, The Everly Brothers, Cream, and more. The Minor 9s’groovy “cottage rock” provides a necessary escape from the hustle and bustle of the Capital City. Formed in mid-September of 2015, The Minor 9s have quickly gained a loyal following by playing shows at clubs, restaurants, benefit concerts, and gathering places of all kinds. They’ve charted on local community radio prior to any physical release, supported bands from out-of-town, and headlined shows at well-established Ottawa venues. Their self-titled EP was released on January 6th of 2016. With a down to earth, heartfelt, genre-defying sound, the excitement is building as they expand their musical reach.

[Their sound is] “a fresh reminder of what good music is,” ~Alec Mead. (The Way Collective)

“A lost nugget from the 70s.” ~Dynamite Motel (musician).

“I am digging this sound! Very Laurel Canyon in the eary ’70s kinda sound” ~Jersey Girl in Canada. (#Discovernewmusic)

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