THAT’S ALL (for now) FOLKS!

Band disbanded… song-writer for The Minor 9s, Lloyd Smiley, continues to perform his original material alone & with a (for now) rotating cast of back-up musicians. Who knows? If he finds a band to work with on a regular basis, who likes the name The Minor 9s… “we” might be back. But really…

In the meantime, follow drummer (& backbone of this band) Brad Lapensee on his journeys with the excellent Sparklesaurus (band, not mythical creature)!

We could never find a permanent bass player…. so don’t bother following them.

To see where we’ve performed in the past, click HERE.


5 Song Demo!

Hello good people,
We are The Minor 9s and it’s great to meet you. … and Goodbye.

We recorded 5 of our songs and they are available on Bandcamp!

Thanks for listening!